elmourABIta's Abyssinians


26.06.2008: our I-Wurf is born!

20.06.2008: our H-Wurf is born!

19.06.2008: our G-Wurf is born!

03.05.2008: our F-Wurfis born!

09.03.2008: Bibi and Nele will stay here. They got their own sites at our homepage.

27.02.2008: our E-Litter is born!

21.02.2008: our D-Litter is born!

01.06.2007: Ninu (Koperkat Comanche) lives with us now!

06.05.2007: our C-Litter is born!

31.03.2007: our B-Litter is born!

19.02.2007: the English translation of this site is online now.

11.02.2007: we add a new site with a collection of all the links that are used in the homepage.

22.-25.01.2007: Rosie went to Leonardo to be covered.

21.07.2006: we decide that Abal stays here. She gets her own site on the homepage.

01.07.2006: we move to our new house.

26.01.2006: our A-Litter is born!

31.12.2005: this site is online now.

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