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Links Regarding Abyssinian Cats

There is one German magazine, not dependant on any club or society, for breeders and enthusiasts of Aby/Somali cats. This journal, "RAS" (Rassejournal Abessinier Somali) is also providing an Online-Journal. If you want to advertise or look for kittens this is a good platform to do so. You will find some older RAS articles here as well.

Also not attached to any organization is Roland Sprave's Jungtiervermittlung. Here you find only pedigreed kittens out of health tested cats. Sometimes you will also find a neuter which is looking for a new home.

The 1.DEKZV (FIVE) runs a support group "IG Aby&Somali" (Interessengemeinschaft Abessinier und Somali im 1. DEKZV e.V.). They too have their own homepage.

Breeders and enthusiasts of Abyssinian cats can join two different Yahoo-groups: "Abessinier-Somali" and "Abessinier"- group. The first of them usually is more active.

Ms. Seidl (Funcats) has collected a real huge number of Abyssinian/Somali homepage adresses all around the world. Really impressive.

Mike and Karen Shammas present their great source of information around the breed in their "Abyworld". Here you find a free litter announcement/advertisement of pedigreed Abyssinians/Somalis, and also lots of informations, polls, photos, and even a forum concerning Abyssinian questions. From time to time a webcam gives you the possibility to watch a litter growing...
As well you will find a real great database (about 16.000 entries at this moment, mainly Abys). If you have information about pedigreed cats that are not in this database, please deliver them!

Christine Ruessheim, a Switzerland´s breeder running the cattery "Baton Rouge" has a quite informative page as well.

Jacques Le Renard from France is providing a huge database for mainly Somalis but also Abys under the name of E.R.o`S (about 25.000 Abys and 12.500 Somalis are nowadays in this database).

You can find more pedigrees at PawPed's Aby-section (25.000 Abyssinian cats here).

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